Seniors are set-ups for lots of problems.
Among the problems seniors face are osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and sarcopenia (loss of lean tissue mass/muscle).
These are not minor issues.
Osteoporosis and sarcopenia are conditions associated with falls, fractures and weakness which often result in nursing home care.
As if that is not bad enough, the most common elder abusers are their caregivers.
Loss of independence can be a terrible thing.
Anabolic substances are associated with increased bone density, increased muscle mass and increased strength.
A bottom line is that they may prevent loss of independence.
There are also data supporting a beneficial effect of anabolic substances in dealing with cardiovascular disease.
If you are suffering from a chronic illness, the tissue-building effects of anabolic substances may make a difference for you.
There are data supporting a role for anabolic substances in depression and cognitive disorders.
Even in Alzheimer Disease, a devastating condition, there have been some positive results from the use of anabolic substances.
To see a list of all the conditions where anabolic substances have demonstrated benefit, go here.
At The Anabolic Clinic sm, we have a focus on quality of life through participation.
We believe that things which can keep a person active, independent and engaged in life are of value.
It is our understanding of the data, that anabolic substances have something to offer seniors and we believe that anabolic substances can help.
If you choose, please talk to us about them.